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Replacement Notebook Battery for Compaq Presario V5030EA
10.8 Volt Li-ion Advanced Pro Series Laptop Battery

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Photo for reference only.

*Product photo shows both TOP and BOTTOM views of the battery. Product sold with 1 battery per 1 quantity.
Part Number :LHP019-AP
Condition :New
Warranty :2 Year
Cell Type :Samsung SDI Li-ion
Capacity :5200mAh / 56Wh
Device Voltage :10.8V
Color :Black
In-Stock :In-Stock
Price :US$106.40
Coupon Code :
Reseller Pricing Available
*Order will be charged in CAD at the exchange rate of
$1USD = $1CAD for Canadian shipping address at time of payment

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  Presario M2021AP   Presario M2022AP   Presario M2023AP
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  Presario M2027AP   Presario M2029AP   Presario M2030 Series
  Presario M2030AP   Presario M2030EA   Presario M2031 Series
  Presario M2031AP   Presario M2031EA   Presario M2033 Series
  Presario M2033AP   Presario M2034EA   Presario M2040 Series
  Presario M2043 Series   Presario M2043AP   Presario M2044AP
  Presario M2045 Series   Presario M2045AP   Presario M2046AP
  Presario M2046EA   Presario M2047AP   Presario M2050 Series
  Presario M2050EA   Presario M2052 Series   Presario M2052EA
  Presario M2054EA   Presario M2055EA   Presario M2065EA
  Presario M2070 Series   Presario M2070EA   Presario M2070US
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  Presario M2255EA   Presario M2256AU   Presario M2300 Series
  Presario M2301   Presario M2301NR   Presario M2305
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  Presario M2357EA   Presario M2400 Series   Presario M2401
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  Presario V2009EA   Presario V2010 Series   Presario V2010AP
  Presario V2010EA   Presario V2010LA   Presario V2010US
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  Presario V2119AP   Presario V2120AP   Presario V2120EA
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  Presario V2134AP   Presario V2135 Series   Presario V2135AP
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  Presario V2149AP   Presario V2150 Series   Presario V2150AP
  Presario V2150US   Presario V2151AP   Presario V2152AP
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  Presario V2208 Series   Presario V2208CL   Presario V2210 Series
  Presario V2210CA   Presario V2210US   Presario V2220 Series
  Presario V2220US   Presario V2250EA   Presario V2300 Series
  Presario V2304 Series   Presario V2304US   Presario V2305 Series
  Presario V2305CA   Presario V2305US   Presario V2306 Series
  Presario V2306AP   Presario V2306US   Presario V2308AP
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  Presario V2406AU   Presario V2409 Series   Presario V2409US
  Presario V2410 Series   Presario V2410CA   Presario V2410CL
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  Presario V2555 Series   Presario V2555CA   Presario V2555US
  Presario V2565 Series   Presario V2565CA   Presario V2565US
  Presario V2570 Series   Presario V2570CA   Presario V2570NR
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  Presario V2619TS   Presario V2621TN   Presario V2622AU
  Presario V2623AU   Presario V2625TN   Presario V2627AU
  Presario V2629AU   Presario V2630 Series   Presario V2630CA
  Presario V2630TS   Presario V2630US   Presario V2631TN
  Presario V2632TS

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Original Part Numbers
  361855-001   361855-003   361855-004
  361856-002   361856-003   367759-001
  367760-001   367769-001   382413-001
  382552-001   383492-001   383493-001
  391883-001   394275-001   395751-001
  395751-003   395751-142   395751-242
  395751-251   395751-321

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