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Replacement Notebook Battery for HP Pavilion Sleekbook 15-b161sl
14.8 Volt Li-ion Advanced Pro Series Laptop Battery

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*Product photo shows both TOP and BOTTOM views of the battery. Product sold with 1 battery per 1 quantity.
Part Number :LHP258X-AP
Condition :New
Warranty :2 Year
Cell Type :Samsung SDI 2600mAh
Capacity :5200mAh / 77Wh
Device Voltage :14.8V
Color :Black
In-Stock :In-Stock
Price :US$129.20
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*Order will be charged in CAD at the exchange rate of
$1USD = $1CAD for Canadian shipping address at time of payment

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The battery will protrude out the (bottom/side) of the laptop and will cause your laptop to sit at an angle. You may not be able to connect to a docking station with the extended battery.

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Compatible Models
  Pavilion 14-b000   Pavilion 14-b002eo   Pavilion 14-b002sa
  Pavilion 14-b002sx   Pavilion 14-b003ea   Pavilion 14-b003sa
  Pavilion 14-b003tx   Pavilion 14-b004tx   Pavilion 14-b005ea
  Pavilion 14-b005sa   Pavilion 14-b005tx   Pavilion 14-b006ea
  Pavilion 14-b006sa   Pavilion 14-b006tx   Pavilion 14-b007sa
  Pavilion 14-b008ea   Pavilion 14-b008sa   Pavilion 14-b010tx
  Pavilion 14-b010us   Pavilion 14-b011tx   Pavilion 14-b013nr
  Pavilion 14-b015dx   Pavilion 14-b016au   Pavilion 14-b016tu
  Pavilion 14-b017cl   Pavilion 14-b017nr   Pavilion 14-b017tu
  Pavilion 14-b021tx   Pavilion 14-b022tx   Pavilion 14-b023tx
  Pavilion 14-b024au   Pavilion 14-b025au   Pavilion 14-b025tx
  Pavilion 14-b026tu   Pavilion 14-b026tx   Pavilion 14-b027tu
  Pavilion 14-b027tx   Pavilion 14-b028tx   Pavilion 14-b029tx
  Pavilion 14-b030et   Pavilion 14-b030st   Pavilion 14-b031tx
  Pavilion 14-b031us   Pavilion 14-b032tu   Pavilion 14-b032tx
  Pavilion 14-b033tu   Pavilion 14-b033tx   Pavilion 14-b036tu
  Pavilion 14-b037tu   Pavilion 14-b042tu   Pavilion 14-b048tu
  Pavilion 14-b060br   Pavilion 14-b065br   Pavilion 14-b080br
  Pavilion 14-b083eg   Pavilion 14-b085br   Pavilion 14-b090br
  Pavilion 14-b100eo Ultrabook   Pavilion 14-b101et Ultrabook   Pavilion 14-b101sa Ultrabook
  Pavilion 14-b103ea Ultrabook   Pavilion 14-b103sa Ultrabook   Pavilion 14-b105tu Ultrabook
  Pavilion 14-b106ed Ultrabook   Pavilion 14-b106tu Ultrabook   Pavilion 14-b107sa Ultrabook
  Pavilion 14-b108ed Ultrabook   Pavilion 14-b108sx Ultrabook   Pavilion 14-b108tx Ultrabook
  Pavilion 14-b109ex Ultrabook   Pavilion 14-b109sx Ultrabook   Pavilion 14-b110tx Ultrabook
  Pavilion 14-b110us   Pavilion 14-b111tx Ultrabook   Pavilion 14-b112eo Ultrabook
  Pavilion 14-b116es Ultrabook   Pavilion 14-b117es Ultrabook   Pavilion 14-b119tu Ultrabook
  Pavilion 14-b120dx   Pavilion 14-b120tu Ultrabook   Pavilion 14-b121tx Ultrabook
  Pavilion 14-b122tx Ultrabook   Pavilion 14-b124us   Pavilion 14-b130ea Ultrabook
  Pavilion 14-b130sa Ultrabook   Pavilion 14-b150us   Pavilion 14-b152ef Ultrabook
  Pavilion 14-b170us   Pavilion 14-b173cl   Pavilion 14-b180la Ultrabook
  Pavilion 14-b183eg Ultrabook   Pavilion 14-b184tx Ultrabook   Pavilion 14-c000 Chromebook
  Pavilion 14-c000ed Chromebook   Pavilion 14-c001ea Chromebook   Pavilion 14-c001ef Chromebook
  Pavilion 14-c001eo Chromebook   Pavilion 14-c001sa Chromebook   Pavilion 14-c001sf Chromebook
  Pavilion 14-c001tu Chromebook   Pavilion 14-c002ea Chromebook   Pavilion 14-c002sa Chromebook
  Pavilion 14-c002tu Chromebook   Pavilion 14-c005tu Chromebook   Pavilion 14-c010us Chromebook
  Pavilion 14-c011nr Chromebook   Pavilion 14-c015dx Chromebook   Pavilion 14-c020us Chromebook
  Pavilion 14-c025us Chromebook   Pavilion 14-c030us Chromebook   Pavilion 14-c035us Chromebook
  Pavilion 14-c050nr Chromebook   Pavilion 14-c053cl Chromebook   Pavilion 14-c070sg Chromebook
  Pavilion 15-b000   Pavilion 15-b000ed   Pavilion 15-b000ej
  Pavilion 15-b000em   Pavilion 15-b000es   Pavilion 15-b000et
  Pavilion 15-b000ev   Pavilion 15-b000sh   Pavilion 15-b000sm
  Pavilion 15-b000sq   Pavilion 15-b001ee   Pavilion 15-b001ei
  Pavilion 15-b001em   Pavilion 15-b001eo   Pavilion 15-b001eu
  Pavilion 15-b001ev   Pavilion 15-b001se   Pavilion 15-b001sh
  Pavilion 15-b001sia   Pavilion 15-b001sq   Pavilion 15-b001ss
  Pavilion 15-b001su   Pavilion 15-b001tu   Pavilion 15-b001tx
  Pavilion 15-b002ed   Pavilion 15-b002ee   Pavilion 15-b002ej
  Pavilion 15-b002ek   Pavilion 15-b002em   Pavilion 15-b002eo
  Pavilion 15-b002eq   Pavilion 15-b002ev   Pavilion 15-b002se
  Pavilion 15-b002sg   Pavilion 15-b002sh   Pavilion 15-b002sk
  Pavilion 15-b002sm   Pavilion 15-b002sx   Pavilion 15-b002tu
  Pavilion 15-b002tx   Pavilion 15-b003ee   Pavilion 15-b003eia
  Pavilion 15-b003em   Pavilion 15-b003eu   Pavilion 15-b003ev
  Pavilion 15-b003se   Pavilion 15-b003sh   Pavilion 15-b003sia
  Pavilion 15-b003sm   Pavilion 15-b003sq   Pavilion 15-b003tu
  Pavilion 15-b003tx   Pavilion 15-b004eo   Pavilion 15-b004ev
  Pavilion 15-b004sg   Pavilion 15-b004tu   Pavilion 15-b004tx
  Pavilion 15-b005ej   Pavilion 15-b005el   Pavilion 15-b005eo
  Pavilion 15-b005tu   Pavilion 15-b006ed   Pavilion 15-b006ee
  Pavilion 15-b006eo   Pavilion 15-b006se   Pavilion 15-b006tu
  Pavilion 15-b006tx   Pavilion 15-b007ee   Pavilion 15-b007se
  Pavilion 15-b007sx   Pavilion 15-b007tx   Pavilion 15-b008ee
  Pavilion 15-b008se   Pavilion 15-b008tu   Pavilion 15-b008tx
  Pavilion 15-b009ee   Pavilion 15-b009se   Pavilion 15-b009ss
  Pavilion 15-b009tu   Pavilion 15-b009tx   Pavilion 15-b010ej
  Pavilion 15-b010es   Pavilion 15-b010et   Pavilion 15-b010ew
  Pavilion 15-b010ss   Pavilion 15-b010st   Pavilion 15-b010sw
  Pavilion 15-b010tu   Pavilion 15-b010tx   Pavilion 15-b010us
  Pavilion 15-b011et   Pavilion 15-b011nr   Pavilion 15-b011st
  Pavilion 15-b011tu   Pavilion 15-b012ee   Pavilion 15-b012nr
  Pavilion 15-b012se   Pavilion 15-b012tu   Pavilion 15-b013ei
  Pavilion 15-b013tu   Pavilion 15-b020et   Pavilion 15-b020ew
  Pavilion 15-b020st   Pavilion 15-b020sw   Pavilion 15-b022es
  Pavilion 15-b023cl   Pavilion 15-b025ec   Pavilion 15-b025es
  Pavilion 15-b025sc   Pavilion 15-b027ec   Pavilion 15-b027el
  Pavilion 15-b027sc   Pavilion 15-b029st   Pavilion 15-b030eb
  Pavilion 15-b030ec   Pavilion 15-b030eg   Pavilion 15-b030el
  Pavilion 15-b030st   Pavilion 15-b031st   Pavilion 15-b032el
  Pavilion 15-b032st   Pavilion 15-b033el   Pavilion 15-b034ez
  Pavilion 15-b035ec   Pavilion 15-b035eg   Pavilion 15-b035el
  Pavilion 15-b035sc   Pavilion 15-b036ez   Pavilion 15-b038ca
  Pavilion 15-b040ep   Pavilion 15-b040sl   Pavilion 15-b040sp
  Pavilion 15-b041eb   Pavilion 15-b041sb   Pavilion 15-b042eb
  Pavilion 15-b042sf   Pavilion 15-b043sf   Pavilion 15-b043sp
  Pavilion 15-b044sf   Pavilion 15-b045el   Pavilion 15-b045sf
  Pavilion 15-b050ea   Pavilion 15-b050eb   Pavilion 15-b050el
  Pavilion 15-b050ew   Pavilion 15-b050sa   Pavilion 15-b050sf
  Pavilion 15-b050sr   Pavilion 15-b050sw   Pavilion 15-b051ea
  Pavilion 15-b051el   Pavilion 15-b051er   Pavilion 15-b051sf
  Pavilion 15-b051sr   Pavilion 15-b052ea   Pavilion 15-b052sa
  Pavilion 15-b052sf   Pavilion 15-b052sr   Pavilion 15-b053ea
  Pavilion 15-b053sr   Pavilion 15-b054sf   Pavilion 15-b054sr
  Pavilion 15-b055ca   Pavilion 15-b055er   Pavilion 15-b055sf
  Pavilion 15-b055sr   Pavilion 15-b058sr   Pavilion 15-b060eb
  Pavilion 15-b060sf   Pavilion 15-b061eb   Pavilion 15-b061el
  Pavilion 15-b061sb   Pavilion 15-b061sf   Pavilion 15-b070ed
  Pavilion 15-b070sl   Pavilion 15-b072ed   Pavilion 15-b076ed
  Pavilion 15-b079er   Pavilion 15-b079sr   Pavilion 15-b080eb
  Pavilion 15-b080sb   Pavilion 15-b085eg   Pavilion 15-b086er
  Pavilion 15-b086sr   Pavilion 15-b090sd CTO   Pavilion 15-b100st Ultrabook
  Pavilion 15-b101st Ultrabook   Pavilion 15-b103sg Ultrabook   Pavilion 15-b104eo Ultrabook
  Pavilion 15-b104sg Ultrabook   Pavilion 15-b104tu Ultrabook   Pavilion 15-b105tx Ultrabook
  Pavilion 15-b106ed Ultrabook   Pavilion 15-b108ed Ultrabook   Pavilion 15-b109eo Ultrabook
  Pavilion 15-b109so Ultrabook   Pavilion 15-b109tx Ultrabook   Pavilion 15-b110tx Ultrabook
  Pavilion 15-b111tu Ultrabook   Pavilion 15-b120sg Ultrabook   Pavilion 15-b123nr
  Pavilion 15-b140us   Pavilion 15-b150eb Ultrabook   Pavilion 15-b151sg
  Pavilion 15-b152sg   Pavilion 15-b156er Ultrabook   Pavilion 15-b156sr Ultrabook
  Pavilion 15-b157sr Ultrabook   Pavilion 15-b160er Ultrabook   Pavilion 15-b170eb Ultrabook
  Pavilion 15-b170sb Ultrabook   Pavilion 15-b174eg Ultrabook   Pavilion 15-b186eg Ultrabook
  Pavilion 15t-b000   Pavilion Sleekbook 14 Series   Pavilion Sleekbook 14-b000
  Pavilion Sleekbook 14-b000ed   Pavilion Sleekbook 14-b000ee   Pavilion Sleekbook 14-b000ei
  Pavilion Sleekbook 14-b000ej   Pavilion Sleekbook 14-b000eo   Pavilion Sleekbook 14-b000es
  Pavilion Sleekbook 14-b000et

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Original Part Numbers
  694864-851   695192-001   H4Q45AA

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