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    Dr.Battery is the world’s leading researcher and distributor of high quality mobile power solutions including next generation lithiumion technology batteries, battery packs and AC adapters for laptops, camcorders, digital cameras, iPods, Electric Bike and other portable electronic devices.

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    Advanced Pro Series Battery
    Green Series Battery
    E-Bike Battery
  • Dr.Bulbs

    As the world transitions from conventional incandescent light bulbs to LED lighting, Dr. Bulbs stays at the forefront in developing and producing the highest quality yet affordable LED lighting products available to consumers.

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    LED Technology
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  • Dr.eBike

    Dr. Battery packs will transform your riding experience. Ebikes are fun to ride and will assist you along your commute without breaking a sweat.

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East-West fusion drives Dr Power's global success

South China Morning Post

When Canadian businessman Joshua Huen founded Dr Power, his Chinese origins came in handy. As CEO of the leading supplier of battery packs for portable electronic devices, Huen combined North American technology with China's manufacturing powerhouse to drive Dr Power's phenomenal success worldwide...

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Dr. Power is working continuously to provide innovative and sustainable products that change the way people lives at the global platform. Please "Click" here to visit our online store for a wide range of product for Dr. Battery & Dr. Bulbs.

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