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Replacement Notebook Adapter for Toshiba Satellite A210-173
19V 3.95A 75W Laptop Adapter (Fixed C-Tip)

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Part Number :DR19V395C
Condition :New
Warranty :2 Year
Output Current :3.95A
Output Voltage :19V
Input Type :AC110~240V / 50~60Hz
Power :75W
Color :Black
In-Stock :In-Stock
Certificate :

Price :US$54.60
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*Order will be charged in CAD at the exchange rate of
$1USD = $1CAD for Canadian shipping address at time of payment

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Please make sure the DC output and tip size are compatible before placing the order.
The correct AC Power Cord will be provided based on shipping destination; however, should you need a different Power Cord, please indicate in the Comments section below.

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  Portege R700-S1320   Portege R700-S1321   Portege R700-S1322
  Portege R700-S1322W   Portege R700-S1330   Portege R700-S1331
  Portege R700-S1332   Portege R700-S1332W   Portege R700-ST1300
  Portege R700-ST1303   Portege R705   Portege R705-P25
  Portege R705-P35   Portege R705-P40   Portege R705-P41
  Portege R705-P42   Portege R705-SP3001L   Portege R705-SP3001M
  Portege R705-SP3002L   Portege R705-SP3002M   Portege R705-SP3003L
  Portege R705-SP3003M   Portege R705-SP3010L   Portege R705-SP3010M
  Portege R705-SP3011L   Portege R705-SP3011M   Portege R705-SP3114M
  Portege R705-ST2N03   Portege R705-ST2N04   Portege R830
  Portege R830-Landis   Portege R830-Landis-052059   Portege R830-Landis-0NP059
  Portege R830-Oracle   Portege R830-S8310   Portege R830-S8312
  Portege R830-S8320   Portege R830-S8322   Portege R830-S8330
  Portege R830-S8332   Portege R830-ST6N03   Portege R830-ST8300
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  Portege R835-P56X   Portege R835-P70   Portege R835-P75
  Portege R835-P81   Portege R835-P83   Portege R835-P84
  Portege R835-P86   Portege R835-P88   Portege R835-P89
  Portege R835-P92   Portege R835-P94   Portege R835-ST3N01
  Portege R835-ST6N01   Portege R930-BT9300   Portege R930-S9320
  Portege R930-S9321   Portege R930-S9330   Portege R930-S9331
  Portege R930-W9320   Portege R935-P326   Portege R935-P330
  Portege R935-P332   Portege R935-ST2N01   Portege R935-ST2N02
  Portege R935-ST3N02   Portege R935-ST4N01   Portege T110 Series
  Portege T110-P110   Portege T110-P120   Portege T110-P134
  Portege T111 Series   Portege T112 Series   Portege T115 Series
  Portege T130 Series   Portege T130-D350   Portege T130-U3810
  Portege T131 Series   Portege T132 Series   Portege T133 Series
  Qosmio F45-412   Qosmio F45-AV410   Qosmio F45-AV411
  Qosmio F45-AV411B   Qosmio F45-AV413   Qosmio F45-AV423
  Qosmio F45-AV425   Satellite 1135-S125   Satellite 1135-S155
  Satellite 1135-S156   Satellite A100-151   Satellite A100-153
  Satellite A100-163   Satellite A100-165   Satellite A100-169
  Satellite A100-181   Satellite A100-188   Satellite A100-204
  Satellite A100-209   Satellite A100-212   Satellite A100-225
  Satellite A100-225m   Satellite A100-233   Satellite A100-241
  Satellite A100-259   Satellite A100-274   Satellite A100-287
  Satellite A100-290   Satellite A100-295   Satellite A100-500
  Satellite A100-507   Satellite A100-508   Satellite A100-521
  Satellite A100-522   Satellite A100-523   Satellite A100-525
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  Satellite A100-570   Satellite A100-583   Satellite A100-590
  Satellite A100-599   Satellite A100-649   Satellite A100-661
  Satellite A100-662   Satellite A100-688   Satellite A100-691
  Satellite A100-692   Satellite A100-694   Satellite A100-696
  Satellite A100-717   Satellite A100-720   Satellite A100-756
  Satellite A100-761   Satellite A100-773   Satellite A100-LE1
  Satellite A100-LE4   Satellite A100-LE6   Satellite A100-S2211
  Satellite A100-S2211TD   Satellite A100-S2311TD   Satellite A100-S3211
  Satellite A100-S3211TD   Satellite A100-SP471   Satellite A100-ST2211TD
  Satellite A100-ST2311   Satellite A100-ST3211TD   Satellite A100-VA1
  Satellite A105-S1000   Satellite A105-S101   Satellite A105-S1010
  Satellite A105-S1013   Satellite A105-S1014   Satellite A105-S101X
  Satellite A105-S171   Satellite A105-S1710   Satellite A105-S1711
  Satellite A105-S1712   Satellite A105-S171X   Satellite A105-S1XX
  Satellite A105-S200   Satellite A105-S2000   Satellite A105-S2001
  Satellite A105-S2011   Satellite A105-S2021   Satellite A105-S2031
  Satellite A105-S2041   Satellite A105-S2051   Satellite A105-S2061
  Satellite A105-S2071   Satellite A105-S2081   Satellite A105-S2091
  Satellite A105-S2101   Satellite A105-S2111   Satellite A105-S2121
  Satellite A105-S2131   Satellite A105-S2141   Satellite A105-S215
  Satellite A105-S2151   Satellite A105-S215TD   Satellite A105-S2181
  Satellite A105-S2194   Satellite A105-S2201   Satellite A105-S2204
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  Satellite A105-S2713   Satellite A105-S2714   Satellite A105-S2715
  Satellite A105-S2716   Satellite A105-S2717   Satellite A105-S2719
  Satellite A105-S271X   Satellite A105-S2XXX   Satellite A105-S361
  Satellite A105-S3610   Satellite A105-S3611   Satellite A105-S361X
  Satellite A105-S4000   Satellite A105-S4004   Satellite A105-S4104
  Satellite A105-S4144   Satellite A105-S4154   Satellite A105-S4164
  Satellite A105-S4174   Satellite A105-S4194   Satellite A105-S4224
  Satellite A105-S4252   Satellite A105-S4294   Satellite A105-S4397
  Satellite A105-S4547   Satellite A105-S45472   Satellite A110 Series
  Satellite A110-101   Satellite A110-110   Satellite A110-133
  Satellite A110-177   Satellite A110-178   Satellite A110-195
  Satellite A110-203   Satellite A110-212   Satellite A110-225
  Satellite A110-228   Satellite A110-233   Satellite A110-252
  Satellite A110-253   Satellite A110-276   Satellite A110-293
  Satellite A110-294   Satellite A110-334   Satellite A110-S3094
  Satellite A110-ST1111   Satellite A135-S2246   Satellite A135-S2256
  Satellite A135-S2266   Satellite A135-S2276   Satellite A135-S2286
  Satellite A135-S2296   Satellite A135-S2306   Satellite A135-S2326
  Satellite A135-S2336   Satellite A135-S2346   Satellite A135-S2356
  Satellite A135-S2376   Satellite A135-S2386   Satellite A135-S2396
  Satellite A135-S2426   Satellite A135-S4407   Satellite A135-S4417
  Satellite A135-S4427   Satellite A135-S4437   Satellite A135-S4447
  Satellite A135-S4457   Satellite A135-S4467   Satellite A135-S4477
  Satellite A135-S4478   Satellite A135-S4487   Satellite A135-S4488
  Satellite A135-S4498   Satellite A135-S4499   Satellite A135-S4507
  Satellite A135-S4517   Satellite A135-S4527   Satellite A135-S4637
  Satellite A135-S4656   Satellite A135-S4666   Satellite A135-S4677
  Satellite A135-S4727   Satellite A135-S4827   Satellite A200
  Satellite A200 AH5   Satellite A200 AH7   Satellite A200 Series
  Satellite A200-0ET00X   Satellite A200-0K1016   Satellite A200-0RY013
  Satellite A200-0SX01C   Satellite A200-10N   Satellite A200-110
  Satellite A200-12F   Satellite A200-12Q   Satellite A200-12S
  Satellite A200-13E   Satellite A200-13L   Satellite A200-13M
  Satellite A200-13T   Satellite A200-13U   Satellite A200-13V
  Satellite A200-14S   Satellite A200-14X   Satellite A200-17O
  Satellite A200-17X   Satellite A200-180   Satellite A200-182
  Satellite A200-18M   Satellite A200-18T   Satellite A200-18W
  Satellite A200-191   Satellite A200-193   Satellite A200-195
  Satellite A200-19C   Satellite A200-19I   Satellite A200-19K
  Satellite A200-19M   Satellite A200-1A9   Satellite A200-1AA
  Satellite A200-1AB   Satellite A200-1Ai   Satellite A200-1AS
  Satellite A200-1BW   Satellite A200-1CC   Satellite A200-1CG
  Satellite A200-1DA   Satellite A200-1DN   Satellite A200-1DQ
  Satellite A200-1DR   Satellite A200-1DS   Satellite A200-1DT
  Satellite A200-1E1   Satellite A200-1G6   Satellite A200-1G9
  Satellite A200-1GD   Satellite A200-1GF   Satellite A200-1HU
  Satellite A200-1M4   Satellite A200-1NF   Satellite A200-1O5
  Satellite A200-1O6   Satellite A200-1O7   Satellite A200-1P6
  Satellite A200-1PB   Satellite A200-1PD   Satellite A200-1QU
  Satellite A200-1QZ   Satellite A200-1RK   Satellite A200-1SC
  Satellite A200-1SV   Satellite A200-1TB   Satellite A200-1TJ
  Satellite A200-1TO   Satellite A200-1UM   Satellite A200-1VC
  Satellite A200-1VD   Satellite A200-1VF   Satellite A200-1VG
  Satellite A200-1VP   Satellite A200-1VT   Satellite A200-1XO
  Satellite A200-1YO   Satellite A200-23H   Satellite A200-23O
  Satellite A200-244   Satellite A200-24W   Satellite A200-24X
  Satellite A200-258   Satellite A200-25B   Satellite A200-25C
  Satellite A200-25P   Satellite A200-25U   Satellite A200-25W
  Satellite A200-25X   Satellite A200-25Y   Satellite A200-25Z
  Satellite A200-260   Satellite A200-26J   Satellite A200-27R
  Satellite A200-27U   Satellite A200-27Z   Satellite A200-28E
  Satellite A200-28H   Satellite A200-28P   Satellite A200-298
  Satellite A200-29I   Satellite A200-29L   Satellite A200-2BL
  Satellite A200-2BO   Satellite A200-M00   Satellite A200-ST2041
  Satellite A200-ST2042   Satellite A200-ST2043   Satellite A202
  Satellite A203   Satellite A205 Series   Satellite A205-S4537
  Satellite A205-S4557   Satellite A205-S4567   Satellite A205-S4577
  Satellite A205-S4578   Satellite A205-S4587   Satellite A205-S4597
  Satellite A205-S4607   Satellite A205-S4617   Satellite A205-S4618
  Satellite A205-S4629   Satellite A205-S4638   Satellite A205-S4639
  Satellite A205-S4707   Satellite A205-S4777   Satellite A205-S4787
  Satellite A205-S4797   Satellite A205-S5000   Satellite A205-S5800
  Satellite A205-S5801   Satellite A205-S5803   Satellite A205-S5804
  Satellite A205-S5805   Satellite A205-S5806   Satellite A205-S5809
  Satellite A205-S5810   Satellite A205-S5811   Satellite A205-S5812
  Satellite A205-S5813   Satellite A205-S5814   Satellite A205-S5816
  Satellite A205-S5819   Satellite A205-S5821   Satellite A205-S5823
  Satellite A205-S5825   Satellite A205-S5831   Satellite A205-S5833
  Satellite A205-S5835   Satellite A205-S5841   Satellite A205-S5843
  Satellite A205-S5847   Satellite A205-S5851   Satellite A205-S5852
  Satellite A205-S5853   Satellite A205-S5855   Satellite A205-S5859
  Satellite A205-S5861   Satellite A205-S5863   Satellite A205-S5864
  Satellite A205-S5866   Satellite A205-S5867   Satellite A205-S5871
  Satellite A205-S5872   Satellite A205-S5878   Satellite A205-S5879
  Satellite A205-S5880   Satellite A205-S6808   Satellite A205-S6810
  Satellite A205-S6812   Satellite A205-S7442   Satellite A205-S7443
  Satellite A205-S7456   Satellite A205-S7458   Satellite A205-S7459
  Satellite A205-S7464   Satellite A205-S7466   Satellite A205-S7468
  Satellite A210 Series   Satellite A210-103   Satellite A210-106
  Satellite A210-109   Satellite A210-10A   Satellite A210-10C
  Satellite A210-10L   Satellite A210-10Y   Satellite A210-111
  Satellite A210-117   Satellite A210-11K   Satellite A210-11P
  Satellite A210-128   Satellite A210-12U   Satellite A210-12Z
  Satellite A210-130   Satellite A210-131   Satellite A210-135
  Satellite A210-149   Satellite A210-14T   Satellite A210-14U
  Satellite A210-151   Satellite A210-15A   Satellite A210-15Y
  Satellite A210-162   Satellite A210-165   Satellite A210-16C
  Satellite A210-16Y   Satellite A210-172   Satellite A210-173
  Satellite A210-17R   Satellite A210-17S   Satellite A210-17X
  Satellite A210-17Z   Satellite A210-198   Satellite A210-199
  Satellite A210-19T   Satellite A210-19Z   Satellite A210-1A7
  Satellite A210-1AA   Satellite A210-1B4   Satellite A210-1B5
  Satellite A210-1B7   Satellite A210-1BA   Satellite A210-1BB
  Satellite A210-1BC   Satellite A210-1BD   Satellite A210-1BF
  Satellite A210-1BH   Satellite A210-1BP   Satellite A210-1BQ
  Satellite A210-1BT   Satellite A210-1BX   Satellite A210-1C0
  Satellite A210-1C2   Satellite A210-1C9   Satellite A210-1CA
  Satellite A210-1CF   Satellite A210-27M   Satellite A210-287
  Satellite A215-S5802   Satellite A215-S5807   Satellite A215-S5808
  Satellite A215-S5815   Satellite A215-S5817   Satellite A215-S5818
  Satellite A215-S5824   Satellite A215-S5825   Satellite A215-S5839
  Satellite A215-S5848   Satellite A215-S6804   Satellite A215-S6814
  Satellite A215-S6816   Satellite A215-S6820   Satellite A215-S7407
  Satellite A215-S7408   Satellite A215-S7411   Satellite A215-S7413
  Satellite A215-S7414   Satellite A215-S7416   Satellite A215-S7417
  Satellite A215-S7422   Satellite A215-S7425   Satellite A215-S7427
  Satellite A215-S7428   Satellite A215-S7433   Satellite A215-S7437
  Satellite A215-S7444   Satellite A215-S7447   Satellite A215-S7462
  Satellite A215-S7472   Satellite A300   Satellite A300-00Q
  Satellite A300-08V   Satellite A300-08W   Satellite A300-10M
  Satellite A300-144   Satellite A300-177   Satellite A300-18K
  Satellite A300-19O   Satellite A300-19Q   Satellite A300-19R
  Satellite A300-19W   Satellite A300-1BZ   Satellite A300-1DB
  Satellite A300-1DC   Satellite A300-1DE   Satellite A300-1DG
  Satellite A300-1ED   Satellite A300-1FP   Satellite A300-1GC
  Satellite A300-1HP   Satellite A300-1HV   Satellite A300-1IJ
  Satellite A300-1IW   Satellite A300-1J1   Satellite A300-1JE
  Satellite A300-1JF   Satellite A300-1KM   Satellite A300-1L0
  Satellite A300-1MC   Satellite A300-1ME   Satellite A300-1MX
  Satellite A300-1OM   Satellite A300-1OT   Satellite A300-1QD
  Satellite A300-1QM   Satellite A300-1R2   Satellite A300-1RJ
  Satellite A300-1RY   Satellite A300-1SO   Satellite A300-1SP
  Satellite A300-201   Satellite A300-21H   Satellite A300-21I
  Satellite A300-22F   Satellite A300-23U   Satellite A300-24J
  Satellite A300-24L   Satellite A300-25G   Satellite A300-25K
  Satellite A300-26R   Satellite A300-27H   Satellite A300-27M
  Satellite A300-2CF   Satellite A300D   Satellite A300D-154
  Satellite A300D-15B   Satellite A300D-17   Satellite A300D-17I
  Satellite A300D-17L   Satellite A300-EC   Satellite A300-M01
  Satellite A300-P01   Satellite A300-ST3501   Satellite A300-ST3502
  Satellite A300-ST3511   Satellite A300-ST3512   Satellite A300-ST4004
  Satellite A300-ST4505   Satellite A300-ST6511   Satellite A305 Series
  Satellite A305D   Satellite A305D-S6831   Satellite A305D-S6847
  Satellite A305D-S6848   Satellite A305D-S6849   Satellite A305D-S68491
  Satellite A305D-S6851   Satellite A305D-S6856   Satellite A305D-S6865
  Satellite A305D-S68651   Satellite A305D-S6867   Satellite A305D-S6875
  Satellite A305D-S68751   Satellite A305D-S6878   Satellite A305D-S6880
  Satellite A305D-S6886   Satellite A305D-S68861   Satellite A305D-S6914
  Satellite A305D-S6991E   Satellite A305-S6825   Satellite A305-S6829
  Satellite A305-S6833   Satellite A305-S6834   Satellite A305-S6837
  Satellite A305-S6839   Satellite A305-S6841   Satellite A305-S6843
  Satellite A305-S6844   Satellite A305-S6845   Satellite A305-S6852
  Satellite A305-S6853   Satellite A305-S68531   Satellite A305-S6854
  Satellite A305-S6855   Satellite A305-S6857   Satellite A305-S6858
  Satellite A305-S6859   Satellite A305-S6860   Satellite A305-S6861
  Satellite A305-S6862   Satellite A305-S6863   Satellite A305-S6864
  Satellite A305-S68641   Satellite A305-S6872   Satellite A305-S6883
  Satellite A305-S6894   Satellite A305-S6898   Satellite A305-S6902
  Satellite A305-S6903   Satellite A305-S6905   Satellite A305-S6908
  Satellite A305-S6909   Satellite A305-S6916   Satellite A305-S6992E
  Satellite A305-S6994E   Satellite A305-S6996E   Satellite A305-S6997E
  Satellite A305-ST551E   Satellite A350/04WB   Satellite A350/051B
  Satellite A350/059B   Satellite A350-12D   Satellite A350-134
  Satellite A350-200   Satellite A350-205   Satellite A350-20A
  Satellite A350D Series   Satellite A350D-107   Satellite A350D-10O
  Satellite A350D-10S   Satellite A350D-115   Satellite A350-ST3601
  Satellite A355D   Satellite A355-ST661E   Satellite A500-ST56X6
  Satellite A500-ST56X7   Satellite A505D-SP6989A   Satellite A505D-SP6989C
  Satellite A505D-SP6989R   Satellite A660-BT3N25X   Satellite A665-S5182X
  Satellite A665-S5185   Satellite A665-S6100X   Satellite A80-SP107
  Satellite C50-B-14D   Satellite C55-B5200   Satellite C55-B5270
  Satellite C55-B5352   Satellite C640-01U   Satellite E105-S1402
  Satellite E105-S1602   Satellite E105-S1802   Satellite E200 Series
  Satellite E200-002   Satellite E200-006   Satellite E200-D430
  Satellite E200-D431T   Satellite E205 Series   Satellite E205-S1904
  Satellite E205-S1980   Satellite E206 Series   Satellite E45-B4200
  Satellite E45T-A4100   Satellite E45T-A4200   Satellite E45T-A4300
  Satellite E45T-AST2N01   Satellite E45T-AST2N02   Satellite E45T-B4204
  Satellite E55-A5114   Satellite E55T-A5320   Satellite E55T-AST2N01
  Satellite L15W-B1302   Satellite L200 Series   Satellite L201 Series
  Satellite L202 Series   Satellite L203 Series   Satellite L205 Series
  Satellite L300 Series   Satellite L300-05J02M   Satellite L300-10Z
  Satellite L300-11C   Satellite L300-11G   Satellite L300-11P
  Satellite L300-12B   Satellite L300-12K   Satellite L300-12P
  Satellite L300-12V   Satellite L300-13R   Satellite L300-13Y
  Satellite L300-13Z   Satellite L300-147   Satellite L300-148
  Satellite L300-149   Satellite L300-14C   Satellite L300-14G
  Satellite L300-15N   Satellite L300-16L   Satellite L300-176
  Satellite L300-17F   Satellite L300-17I   Satellite L300-180
  Satellite L300-18D   Satellite L300-18E   Satellite L300-19F
  Satellite L300-19N   Satellite L300-19U   Satellite L300-19Y
  Satellite L300-1AP   Satellite L300-1AQ   Satellite L300-1AR
  Satellite L300-1AS   Satellite L300-1AX   Satellite L300-1BD
  Satellite L300-1BG   Satellite L300-1BV   Satellite L300-1BW
  Satellite L300-1CM   Satellite L300-1CU   Satellite L300-1DI
  Satellite L300-1DN   Satellite L300-1DU   Satellite L300-1ES
  Satellite L300-1FS   Satellite L300-1G4   Satellite L300-1G5
  Satellite L300-1G6   Satellite L300-1G8   Satellite L300-1G9
  Satellite L300-1GC   Satellite L300-20A   Satellite L300-20D
  Satellite L300-20W   Satellite L300-214   Satellite L300-215
  Satellite L300-217   Satellite L300-218   Satellite L300-21C
  Satellite L300-21H   Satellite L300-226   Satellite L300-227
  Satellite L300-229   Satellite L300-22T   Satellite L300-22U
  Satellite L300-22X   Satellite L300-23F   Satellite L300-245
  Satellite L300-24W   Satellite L300-25G   Satellite L300-25H
  Satellite L300-26G   Satellite L300-26K   Satellite L300-26M
  Satellite L300-278   Satellite L300-27U   Satellite L300-28R
  Satellite L300-29T   Satellite L300-29V   Satellite L300-29W
  Satellite L300-29X   Satellite L300-2C1   Satellite L300-2CP
  Satellite L300-2CW   Satellite L300-2CZ   Satellite L300-2DR
  Satellite L300-2EL   Satellite L300-2F5   Satellite L300-700
  Satellite L300-900   Satellite L300D Series   Satellite L300D-10U
  Satellite L300D-11V   Satellite L300D-12I   Satellite L300D-12L
  Satellite L300D-13S   Satellite L300D-202   Satellite L300D-21X
  Satellite L300D-222   Satellite L300D-242   Satellite L300D-243
  Satellite L300D-24Q   Satellite L300D-EZ1001V   Satellite L300D-EZ1002X
  Satellite L300-EZ1004X   Satellite L300-EZ1005X   Satellite L300-F00
  Satellite L300-R00   Satellite L300-S00   Satellite L300-ST2501
  Satellite L300-ST3501   Satellite L300-ST3502   Satellite L305 Series
  Satellite L305D Series   Satellite L305D-S5868   Satellite L305D-S5869
  Satellite L305D-S5870   Satellite L305D-S5873   Satellite L305D-S5874
  Satellite L305D-S5881   Satellite L305D-S5882   Satellite L305D-S58821
  Satellite L305D-S5889   Satellite L305D-S5890   Satellite L305D-S5893
  Satellite L305D-S5895   Satellite L305D-S5897   Satellite L305D-S5900
  Satellite L305D-S5904   Satellite L305D-S5914   Satellite L305D-S59143
  Satellite L305D-S5922   Satellite L305D-S59222   Satellite L305D-S5923
  Satellite L305D-S5925   Satellite L305D-S5927   Satellite L305D-S5928
  Satellite L305D-S5930   Satellite L305D-S5932   Satellite L305D-S5934
  Satellite L305D-S5935   Satellite L305D-S5938   Satellite L305D-S5940
  Satellite L305D-S5943   Satellite L305D-S5949   Satellite L305D-S5950
  Satellite L305D-S5959   Satellite L305D-S5974   Satellite L305D-S6805A
  Satellite L305D-S6805C   Satellite L305D-S6805R   Satellite L305D-SP5810A
  Satellite L305D-SP5810C   Satellite L305D-SP5810R   Satellite L305D-SP6913A
  Satellite L305D-SP6913C   Satellite L305D-SP6913R   Satellite L305D-SP6950A
  Satellite L305D-SP6950C   Satellite L305D-SP6950R   Satellite L305D-SP6979A
  Satellite L305D-SP6979C   Satellite L305D-SP6979R   Satellite L305D-SP6981A
  Satellite L305D-SP6981C   Satellite L305D-SP6981R   Satellite L305D-SP6984A
  Satellite L305D-SP6984C   Satellite L305D-SP6984R   Satellite L305D-SP6988A
  Satellite L305D-SP6988C   Satellite L305D-SP6988R   Satellite L305-S5865
  Satellite L305-S5869   Satellite L305-S5875   Satellite L305-S5876
  Satellite L305-S5877   Satellite L305-S5883   Satellite L305-S5884
  Satellite L305-S5885   Satellite L305-S5888   Satellite L305-S5891
  Satellite L305-S5894   Satellite L305-S5896   Satellite L305-S5899
  Satellite L305-S5901   Satellite L305-S5902   Satellite L305-S5903
  Satellite L305-S5905   Satellite L305-S5906   Satellite L305-S5907
  Satellite L305-S59071   Satellite L305-S5908   Satellite L305-S5909
  Satellite L305-S5911   Satellite L305-S5912   Satellite L305-S5913
  Satellite L305-S5915   Satellite L305-S5916   Satellite L305-S5917
  Satellite L305-S5918   Satellite L305-S5919   Satellite L305-S5920
  Satellite L305-S5921   Satellite L305-S5924   Satellite L305-S5926
  Satellite L305-S5929   Satellite L305-S5931   Satellite L305-S5933
  Satellite L305-S5937   Satellite L305-S5939   Satellite L305-S5941
  Satellite L305-S5942   Satellite L305-S5943   Satellite L305-S5944
  Satellite L305-S5945   Satellite L305-S5946   Satellite L305-S5947
  Satellite L305-S5948   Satellite L305-S59512

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Original Part Numbers
  04G266011110   0A001-00070000   0A001-00070100
  ADP-75SB AB   PA-1750-04TC   PA-1750-04TI

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