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E-Bike Battery
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Delivering the next advancement in environmentally sustainable power solutions is what
Dr. Battery does best. As a company values innovation, Dr. Battery has worked closely with top tier research and development companies around the world to bring you its new line of E-Bike battery.
Electrify your ride with Dr. Battery packs
This new line of E-Bike battery is self-researched and developed by Dr. Battery, which adopts and combines the advantages of E-Bike batteries in the industry.
  • Available in three different series
  • Each series has its own uniqueness
  • Flexible battery size and capacity for various models
  • Customized design according to specific application demand
Green Series Advanced Pro Series Professional Series
cycle life 1000+ 800+ 350-400
Percent of
Capacity Retention
Retains 80% of initial capacity
Higher than 70% of original capacity
Industry standard 70%
Warranty 3 Years 2 Years 1 Year
Life Expectancy 3+ Years 2+ Years 1+ Year
Cell Brand
Boston Power
Leyden Energy
Leyden Energy HYB
Cell Type
Boston Power
swing 4400
Leyden Energy
Leyden Energy Li-ion HYB Li-ion
Operating Temperature Range -30 (-22 ºF)
60°C (140°F)
-20°C (-4°F)
60°C (140°F)
-10°C (14°F )
45°C (113°F)
Safety Certifications
UL, UN and RoHS
UL, UN and RoHS
UL, UN and RoHS
Charge Time 4–6 hours 4-6 hours 4-6 hours
Travel Distance (Depending on terrain and mode) Up to 70km Up to 70km Up to 70km
Compatible Model