Our Brands


At Dr. Power, innovations are driven by the desire to create a better future. We are committed to developing sustainable energy solutions to enterprises and general consumers. Currently, we are focusing on three major product categories - energy efficient mobile power solutions, LED lighting solutions and electronic bikes.

Dr. Battery is the world's leading researcher and distributor of high quality mobile power solutions including next generation lithium-ion technology batteries, battery packs and AC adapters for laptops, camcorders, digital cameras, iPods, Electric Bike and other portable electronic devices.

Since 2006, the Dr. Battery brand has reached over one million households in 50 countries. Our customers also include corporations, educational institutes, government agencies and repair centers. Our products are available through both direct and reseller channels.

As the world transitions from conventional incandescent light bulbs to LED lighting, Dr. Bulbs stays at the forefront in developing and producing the highest quality yet affordable LED lighting products available to consumers.

LED lighting is recognized as the most energy efficient and cost effective lighting solutions in today's dynamic world. However, not all LED bulbs are created equal. Sub-par quality LED bulbs may result in lower than optimal lumens, energy saving capability and even shorter lifespan.

Utilizing leading edge LED technologies, Dr. Bulbs is your most reliable supplier of LED lighting products.

eProdigy is a leading Canadian ebike brand in designing the most energy efficient mid-drive electric bicycles. Their coaxial bottom-bracket motor™ delivers the most remarkable torque for accelerating or climbing up hills, yet gives the ebike a look and feel that resembles a regular bicycle.

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