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Replacement Notebook Battery for HP Pavilion 17-g012na
14.8 Volt Li-ion Advanced Pro Series Laptop Battery

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*Product photo shows both TOP and BOTTOM views of the battery. Product sold with 1 battery per 1 quantity.
Part Number :LHP274-AP
Condition :New
Warranty :2 Year
Cell Type :Samsung SDI Li-ion
Capacity :2600 mAh / 38Wh
Device Voltage :14.8V
Color :Black
In-Stock :In-Stock
Price :US$95.00
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*Order will be charged in CAD at the exchange rate of
$1USD = $1CAD for Canadian shipping address at time of payment

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Note: Pavilion has several series and they use different batteries. Please check your laptop model and battery number before placing an order.

 Compatible Models   Original Part Numbers   Recommended Products
Compatible Models
  Pavilion 14-ab001tu   Pavilion 14-ab001tx   Pavilion 14-ab002tx
  Pavilion 14-ab003tu   Pavilion 14-ab003tx   Pavilion 14-ab004tx
  Pavilion 14-ab005tu   Pavilion 14-ab005tx   Pavilion 14-ab006tu
  Pavilion 14-ab007la   Pavilion 14-ab007tx   Pavilion 14-ab008tu
  Pavilion 14-ab008tx   Pavilion 14-ab009tx   Pavilion 14-ab010tx
  Pavilion 14-ab011tx   Pavilion 14-ab012tu   Pavilion 14-ab012tx
  Pavilion 14-ab013tu   Pavilion 14-ab013tx   Pavilion 14-ab014tu
  Pavilion 14-ab014tx   Pavilion 14-ab015tu   Pavilion 14-ab016tu
  Pavilion 14-ab017tu   Pavilion 14-ab018tu   Pavilion 14-ab018tx
  Pavilion 14-ab019la   Pavilion 14-ab019tu   Pavilion 14-ab019tx
  Pavilion 14-ab020tu   Pavilion 14-ab020tx   Pavilion 14-ab021la
  Pavilion 14-ab021tu   Pavilion 14-ab021tx   Pavilion 14-ab022tu
  Pavilion 14-ab022tx   Pavilion 14-ab023tu   Pavilion 14-ab023tx
  Pavilion 14-ab024tx   Pavilion 14-ab025tx   Pavilion 14-ab026tx
  Pavilion 14-ab027tx   Pavilion 14-ab028tx   Pavilion 14-ab033tx
  Pavilion 14-ab034tx   Pavilion 14-ab035tx   Pavilion 14-ab036tx
  Pavilion 14-ab037tx   Pavilion 14-ab038tx   Pavilion 14-ab039tx
  Pavilion 14-ab040tx   Pavilion 14-ab041tx   Pavilion 14-ab042tx
  Pavilion 14-ab043tx   Pavilion 14-ab045tx   Pavilion 14-ab046tx
  Pavilion 14-ab047tx   Pavilion 14-ab048tx   Pavilion 14-ab049tx
  Pavilion 14-ab050tx   Pavilion 14-ab051tx   Pavilion 14-ab052tx
  Pavilion 14-ab053tx   Pavilion 14-ab054ca   Pavilion 14-ab055tx
  Pavilion 14-ab057ca   Pavilion 14-ab058tx   Pavilion 14-ab059tx
  Pavilion 14-ab066us   Pavilion 14-ab084ca   Pavilion 14t-ab000 CTO
  Pavilion 15-ab000na   Pavilion 15-ab000nc   Pavilion 15-ab000nk
  Pavilion 15-ab000nv   Pavilion 15-ab000ur   Pavilion 15-ab001au
  Pavilion 15-ab001na   Pavilion 15-ab001nh   Pavilion 15-ab001nia
  Pavilion 15-ab001nj   Pavilion 15-ab001nk   Pavilion 15-ab001np
  Pavilion 15-ab001nv   Pavilion 15-ab001tu   Pavilion 15-ab001tx
  Pavilion 15-ab002au   Pavilion 15-ab002nf   Pavilion 15-ab002nh
  Pavilion 15-ab002nia   Pavilion 15-ab002nj   Pavilion 15-ab002nk
  Pavilion 15-ab002np   Pavilion 15-ab002nq   Pavilion 15-ab002ns
  Pavilion 15-ab002tu   Pavilion 15-ab002tx   Pavilion 15-ab002ur
  Pavilion 15-ab003nh   Pavilion 15-ab003nia   Pavilion 15-ab003nj
  Pavilion 15-ab003tu   Pavilion 15-ab003tx   Pavilion 15-ab003ur
  Pavilion 15-ab004la   Pavilion 15-ab004na   Pavilion 15-ab004nc
  Pavilion 15-ab004nh   Pavilion 15-ab004nj   Pavilion 15-ab004nk
  Pavilion 15-ab004tu   Pavilion 15-ab004tx   Pavilion 15-ab004ur
  Pavilion 15-ab005nf   Pavilion 15-ab005nk   Pavilion 15-ab005tx
  Pavilion 15-ab005ur   Pavilion 15-ab006nj   Pavilion 15-ab006nq
  Pavilion 15-ab006tx   Pavilion 15-ab006ur   Pavilion 15-ab007ax
  Pavilion 15-ab007na   Pavilion 15-ab007nj   Pavilion 15-ab007tu
  Pavilion 15-ab007tx   Pavilion 15-ab007ur   Pavilion 15-ab008au
  Pavilion 15-ab008ax   Pavilion 15-ab008na   Pavilion 15-ab008ng
  Pavilion 15-ab008nq   Pavilion 15-ab008tu   Pavilion 15-ab008tx
  Pavilion 15-ab008ur   Pavilion 15-ab009au   Pavilion 15-ab009ax
  Pavilion 15-ab009nj   Pavilion 15-ab009nm   Pavilion 15-ab009nq
  Pavilion 15-ab009nx   Pavilion 15-ab009tu   Pavilion 15-ab009tx
  Pavilion 15-ab009ur   Pavilion 15-ab010au   Pavilion 15-ab010ax
  Pavilion 15-ab010la   Pavilion 15-ab010na   Pavilion 15-ab010nd
  Pavilion 15-ab010nj   Pavilion 15-ab010nm   Pavilion 15-ab010no
  Pavilion 15-ab010nr   Pavilion 15-ab010nu   Pavilion 15-ab010nx
  Pavilion 15-ab010nz   Pavilion 15-ab010tu   Pavilion 15-ab010tx
  Pavilion 15-ab010ur   Pavilion 15-ab011au   Pavilion 15-ab011nd
  Pavilion 15-ab011nf   Pavilion 15-ab011nm   Pavilion 15-ab011nu
  Pavilion 15-ab011nx   Pavilion 15-ab011nz   Pavilion 15-ab011tu
  Pavilion 15-ab011ur   Pavilion 15-ab012au   Pavilion 15-ab012la
  Pavilion 15-ab012na   Pavilion 15-ab012nd   Pavilion 15-ab012nl
  Pavilion 15-ab012tu   Pavilion 15-ab012ur   Pavilion 15-ab013au
  Pavilion 15-ab013na   Pavilion 15-ab013nf   Pavilion 15-ab013nx
  Pavilion 15-ab013tu   Pavilion 15-ab013tx   Pavilion 15-ab014au
  Pavilion 15-ab014nx   Pavilion 15-ab014ur   Pavilion 15-ab015au
  Pavilion 15-ab015na   Pavilion 15-ab015nc   Pavilion 15-ab015ne
  Pavilion 15-ab015nf   Pavilion 15-ab015tx   Pavilion 15-ab015ur
  Pavilion 15-ab016au   Pavilion 15-ab016na   Pavilion 15-ab016nf
  Pavilion 15-ab016nx   Pavilion 15-ab016tu   Pavilion 15-ab016ur
  Pavilion 15-ab017au   Pavilion 15-ab017ax   Pavilion 15-ab017na
  Pavilion 15-ab017nf   Pavilion 15-ab017tu   Pavilion 15-ab017ur
  Pavilion 15-ab018ax   Pavilion 15-ab018na   Pavilion 15-ab018tu
  Pavilion 15-ab018tx   Pavilion 15-ab018ur   Pavilion 15-ab019ax
  Pavilion 15-ab019na   Pavilion 15-ab019ne   Pavilion 15-ab019ur
  Pavilion 15-ab020ax   Pavilion 15-ab020ca   Pavilion 15-ab020na
  Pavilion 15-ab020nd   Pavilion 15-ab020nf   Pavilion 15-ab020ng
  Pavilion 15-ab020no   Pavilion 15-ab020nr   Pavilion 15-ab020tx
  Pavilion 15-ab020ur   Pavilion 15-ab021ca   Pavilion 15-ab021no
  Pavilion 15-ab021tx   Pavilion 15-ab022ca   Pavilion 15-ab022na
  Pavilion 15-ab022ng   Pavilion 15-ab022nl   Pavilion 15-ab022no
  Pavilion 15-ab022tu   Pavilion 15-ab022tx   Pavilion 15-ab022ur
  Pavilion 15-ab023ax   Pavilion 15-ab023cl   Pavilion 15-ab023ne
  Pavilion 15-ab023tu   Pavilion 15-ab023tx   Pavilion 15-ab023ur
  Pavilion 15-ab024ax   Pavilion 15-ab024na   Pavilion 15-ab024ne
  Pavilion 15-ab024tu   Pavilion 15-ab024tx   Pavilion 15-ab024ur
  Pavilion 15-ab025ax   Pavilion 15-ab025ne   Pavilion 15-ab025tu
  Pavilion 15-ab025tx   Pavilion 15-ab025ur   Pavilion 15-ab026ax
  Pavilion 15-ab026na   Pavilion 15-ab026ne   Pavilion 15-ab026nl
  Pavilion 15-ab026tu   Pavilion 15-ab027cl   Pavilion 15-ab027ne
  Pavilion 15-ab027tu   Pavilion 15-ab027tx   Pavilion 15-ab028ax
  Pavilion 15-ab028na   Pavilion 15-ab028tu   Pavilion 15-ab028tx
  Pavilion 15-ab028ur   Pavilion 15-ab029ax   Pavilion 15-ab029na
  Pavilion 15-ab029nc   Pavilion 15-ab029tu   Pavilion 15-ab029tx
  Pavilion 15-ab029ur   Pavilion 15-ab030ax   Pavilion 15-ab030cy
  Pavilion 15-ab030no   Pavilion 15-ab030tu   Pavilion 15-ab030tx
  Pavilion 15-ab030ur   Pavilion 15-ab031ax   Pavilion 15-ab031cy
  Pavilion 15-ab031ng   Pavilion 15-ab031nw   Pavilion 15-ab031tu
  Pavilion 15-ab031tx   Pavilion 15-ab031ur   Pavilion 15-ab032ax
  Pavilion 15-ab032cy   Pavilion 15-ab032nc   Pavilion 15-ab032no
  Pavilion 15-ab032tu   Pavilion 15-ab032tx   Pavilion 15-ab033ax
  Pavilion 15-ab033cy   Pavilion 15-ab033nc   Pavilion 15-ab033nia
  Pavilion 15-ab033no   Pavilion 15-ab033tu   Pavilion 15-ab033ur
  Pavilion 15-ab034ax   Pavilion 15-ab034cy   Pavilion 15-ab034nc
  Pavilion 15-ab034ng   Pavilion 15-ab034nia   Pavilion 15-ab034no
  Pavilion 15-ab034tu   Pavilion 15-ab034tx   Pavilion 15-ab034ur
  Pavilion 15-ab035ax   Pavilion 15-ab035cy   Pavilion 15-ab035nc
  Pavilion 15-ab035ng   Pavilion 15-ab035tu   Pavilion 15-ab035tx
  Pavilion 15-ab035ur   Pavilion 15-ab036ax   Pavilion 15-ab036cy
  Pavilion 15-ab036nc   Pavilion 15-ab036ng   Pavilion 15-ab036nl
  Pavilion 15-ab036tu   Pavilion 15-ab036tx   Pavilion 15-ab036ur
  Pavilion 15-ab037ax   Pavilion 15-ab037cy   Pavilion 15-ab037nc
  Pavilion 15-ab037nd   Pavilion 15-ab037ng   Pavilion 15-ab037nl
  Pavilion 15-ab037tu   Pavilion 15-ab037tx   Pavilion 15-ab038cy
  Pavilion 15-ab038nc   Pavilion 15-ab038nl   Pavilion 15-ab038tu
  Pavilion 15-ab038tx   Pavilion 15-ab039cy   Pavilion 15-ab039nc
  Pavilion 15-ab039tx   Pavilion 15-ab040na   Pavilion 15-ab040nc
  Pavilion 15-ab040no   Pavilion 15-ab040sa   Pavilion 15-ab041tu
  Pavilion 15-ab042na   Pavilion 15-ab042no   Pavilion 15-ab042tu
  Pavilion 15-ab043na   Pavilion 15-ab043nb   Pavilion 15-ab043sa
  Pavilion 15-ab044na   Pavilion 15-ab044nb   Pavilion 15-ab044nz
  Pavilion 15-ab044sa   Pavilion 15-ab045na   Pavilion 15-ab045nd
  Pavilion 15-ab045sa   Pavilion 15-ab047na   Pavilion 15-ab048na
  Pavilion 15-ab048nb   Pavilion 15-ab048sa   Pavilion 15-ab048tu
  Pavilion 15-ab049na   Pavilion 15-ab049nb   Pavilion 15-ab049tu
  Pavilion 15-ab050nb   Pavilion 15-ab050np   Pavilion 15-ab050ns
  Pavilion 15-ab050nv   Pavilion 15-ab050nw   Pavilion 15-ab050nz
  Pavilion 15-ab050tu   Pavilion 15-ab051na   Pavilion 15-ab051nb
  Pavilion 15-ab051np   Pavilion 15-ab051nq   Pavilion 15-ab051ns
  Pavilion 15-ab051nw   Pavilion 15-ab051nx   Pavilion 15-ab051tx
  Pavilion 15-ab052na   Pavilion 15-ab052nc   Pavilion 15-ab052ng
  Pavilion 15-ab052no   Pavilion 15-ab052np   Pavilion 15-ab052ns
  Pavilion 15-ab052nx   Pavilion 15-ab052tx   Pavilion 15-ab053nr
  Pavilion 15-ab053nt   Pavilion 15-ab053tu   Pavilion 15-ab054ca
  Pavilion 15-ab054na   Pavilion 15-ab054ng   Pavilion 15-ab054tu
  Pavilion 15-ab054tx   Pavilion 15-ab054ur   Pavilion 15-ab055ng
  Pavilion 15-ab055tx   Pavilion 15-ab056na   Pavilion 15-ab056ng
  Pavilion 15-ab056no   Pavilion 15-ab056nw   Pavilion 15-ab056tx
  Pavilion 15-ab057np   Pavilion 15-ab057nr   Pavilion 15-ab057ur
  Pavilion 15-ab058nc   Pavilion 15-ab058no   Pavilion 15-ab058tx
  Pavilion 15-ab058ur   Pavilion 15-ab059na   Pavilion 15-ab059nc
  Pavilion 15-ab059ne   Pavilion 15-ab059tx   Pavilion 15-ab059ur
  Pavilion 15-ab060nb   Pavilion 15-ab060nw   Pavilion 15-ab060nz
  Pavilion 15-ab060tx   Pavilion 15-ab061nw   Pavilion 15-ab061tx
  Pavilion 15-ab061ur   Pavilion 15-ab062na   Pavilion 15-ab062nl
  Pavilion 15-ab062tx   Pavilion 15-ab062ur   Pavilion 15-ab063cl
  Pavilion 15-ab063nw   Pavilion 15-ab063tx   Pavilion 15-ab063ur
  Pavilion 15-ab064nc   Pavilion 15-ab064no   Pavilion 15-ab064tx
  Pavilion 15-ab065na   Pavilion 15-ab065no   Pavilion 15-ab065nw
  Pavilion 15-ab065tx   Pavilion 15-ab065ur   Pavilion 15-ab065us
  Pavilion 15-ab066na   Pavilion 15-ab066no   Pavilion 15-ab066tx
  Pavilion 15-ab066ur   Pavilion 15-ab067nc   Pavilion 15-ab067no
  Pavilion 15-ab067tx   Pavilion 15-ab067ur   Pavilion 15-ab068no
  Pavilion 15-ab068tx   Pavilion 15-ab069tx   Pavilion 15-ab069ur
  Pavilion 15-ab070na   Pavilion 15-ab070no   Pavilion 15-ab070nz
  Pavilion 15-ab070tx   Pavilion 15-ab070ur   Pavilion 15-ab071na
  Pavilion 15-ab071nb   Pavilion 15-ab071no   Pavilion 15-ab071nr
  Pavilion 15-ab071nw   Pavilion 15-ab071tx   Pavilion 15-ab072no
  Pavilion 15-ab072tx   Pavilion 15-ab073no   Pavilion 15-ab074no
  Pavilion 15-ab075na   Pavilion 15-ab075no   Pavilion 15-ab075tx
  Pavilion 15-ab076na   Pavilion 15-ab076tx   Pavilion 15-ab077na
  Pavilion 15-ab077nz   Pavilion 15-ab078na   Pavilion 15-ab078nc
  Pavilion 15-ab078tx   Pavilion 15-ab079na   Pavilion 15-ab079nc
  Pavilion 15-ab079tx   Pavilion 15-ab080na   Pavilion 15-ab080nc
  Pavilion 15-ab080nd   Pavilion 15-ab080tx   Pavilion 15-ab081na
  Pavilion 15-ab081nc   Pavilion 15-ab081nw   Pavilion 15-ab081tx
  Pavilion 15-ab082nc   Pavilion 15-ab082tx   Pavilion 15-ab083nc
  Pavilion 15-ab083no   Pavilion 15-ab083nw   Pavilion 15-ab083tx
  Pavilion 15-ab084no   Pavilion 15-ab084tx   Pavilion 15-ab085no
  Pavilion 15-ab085nw   Pavilion 15-ab086no   Pavilion 15-ab086tx
  Pavilion 15-ab087no   Pavilion 15-ab087tx   Pavilion 15-ab088ca
  Pavilion 15-ab088na   Pavilion 15-ab088no   Pavilion 15-ab088tx
  Pavilion 15-ab090na   Pavilion 15-ab090no   Pavilion 15-ab090tx
  Pavilion 15-ab091na   Pavilion 15-ab091nb   Pavilion 15-ab091no
  Pavilion 15-ab091tx   Pavilion 15-ab092no   Pavilion 15-ab092tx

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Original Part Numbers
  800049-001   HSTNN-DB6T   HSTNN-LB6R

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