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Replacement Notebook Battery for HP Pavilion DV7-7135
10.8 Volt Li-ion Advanced Pro Series Laptop Battery

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*Product photo shows both TOP and BOTTOM views of the battery. Product sold with 1 battery per 1 quantity.
Part Number :LHP257X-AP
Condition :New
Warranty :2 Year
Cell Type :Samsung SDI Li-ion
Capacity :7800mAh / 84Wh
Device Voltage :10.8V
Color :Black
In-Stock :In-Stock
Price :US$133.00
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*Order will be charged in CAD at the exchange rate of
$1USD = $1CAD for Canadian shipping address at time of payment

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This battery is not compatible with the following models:
Pavilion dv4-(1000 to 4999)
Pavilion dv6-(1000 to 6999)
Pavilion dv7-(1000 to 6999)
The battery will protrude out the (bottom/side) of the laptop and will cause your laptop to sit at an angle. You may not be able to connect to a docking station with the extended battery.

 Compatible Models   Original Part Numbers   Recommended Products
Compatible Models
  Envy DV4-5200   Envy dv4-5200 CTO   Envy dv4-5201tu
  Envy dv4-5201tx   Envy dv4-5202tu   Envy dv4-5202tx
  Envy dv4-5203tx   Envy dv4-5204tx   Envy dv4-5205tx
  Envy dv4-5206tx   Envy dv4-5208tx   Envy dv4-5209tx
  Envy dv4-5211tx   Envy DV4-5213CL   Envy dv4-5213tx
  Envy dv4-5214tx   Envy dv4-5215tx   Envy DV4-5216ET
  Envy dv4-5216tx   Envy dv4-5217tx   Envy DV4-5218ET
  Envy DV4-5220US   Envy DV4-5260NR   Envy dv4-5264la
  Envy dv4-5266la   Envy dv-5300   Envy dv6-7200
  Envy dv6-7200 CTO   Envy dv6-7200ea   Envy dv6-7200ei
  Envy dv6-7200ej   Envy dv6-7200eo   Envy dv6-7200et
  Envy dv6-7200sa   Envy dv6-7200sl   Envy dv6-7200st
  Envy dv6-7201eg   Envy dv6-7201tu   Envy dv6-7201tx
  Envy dv6-7202ax   Envy dv6-7202ee   Envy dv6-7202eg
  Envy dv6-7202se   Envy dv6-7202ss   Envy dv6-7202tx
  Envy dv6-7203ax   Envy dv6-7203es   Envy dv6-7203ss
  Envy dv6-7203tu   Envy dv6-7203tx   Envy dv6-7204ax
  Envy dv6-7204ee   Envy dv6-7204se   Envy dv6-7204tu
  Envy dv6-7204tx   Envy dv6-7205ax   Envy dv6-7205ee
  Envy dv6-7205se   Envy dv6-7206tx   Envy dv6-7207tx
  Envy dv6-7208tx   Envy DV6-7210EI   Envy DV6-7210TX
  Envy DV6-7210US   Envy DV6-7211NR   Envy DV6-7211TX
  Envy DV6-7212TX   Envy DV6-7213NR   Envy DV6-7213TX
  Envy DV6-7214NR   Envy DV6-7214TX   Envy DV6-7215NR
  Envy DV6-7215TX   Envy DV6-7216TX   Envy DV6-7217TX
  Envy DV6-7218NR   Envy DV6-7218TX   Envy DV6-7220TX
  Envy DV6-7221NR   Envy DV6-7221TX   Envy DV6-7222NR
  Envy DV6-7222TX   Envy DV6-7223NR   Envy DV6-7226NR
  Envy DV6-7227NR   Envy dv6-7227sa   Envy DV6-7228NR
  Envy DV6-7229NR   Envy DV6-7229WM   Envy DV6-7234NR
  Envy dv6-7240sg   Envy DV6-7245US   Envy DV6-7246US
  Envy DV6-7247CL   Envy DV6-7250CA   Envy dv6-7250eb
  Envy dv6-7250ec   Envy dv6-7250er   Envy dv6-7250sb
  Envy dv6-7250sr   Envy dv6-7251eo   Envy dv6-7251er
  Envy dv6-7252eo   Envy dv6-7252er   Envy dv6-7254eo
  Envy DV6-7258NR   Envy dv6-7260er   Envy dv6-7261er
  Envy dv6-7262er   Envy dv6-7263er   Envy dv6-7264er
  Envy dv6-7267ez   Envy dv6-7270sp   Envy dv6-7275ez
  Envy dv6-7276ez   Envy dv6-7280eb   Envy dv6-7280ef
  Envy dv6-7280ep   Envy dv6-7280ex   Envy dv6-7280ez
  Envy dv6-7280la   Envy dv6-7280sf   Envy dv6-7280sl
  Envy dv6-7280sp   Envy dv6-7280sx   Envy dv6-7285ex
  Envy dv6-7285sx   Envy dv6-7290ef   Envy dv6-7290ex
  Envy dv6-7290sf   Envy dv6-7290sx   Envy dv6-7291sf
  Envy dv6-7295ex   Envy dv6-7295sx   Envy dv6-7300
  Envy dv6-7300ea   Envy dv6-7300sa   Envy dv6-7331sa
  Envy dv6t-7200 CTO Quad Edition   Envy dv6t-7200 CTO Select Edition   Envy dv7-7200
  Envy dv7-7200eb   Envy dv7-7200et   Envy dv7-7200ex
  Envy dv7-7200sb   Envy dv7-7200sg   Envy dv7-7200st
  Envy dv7-7200sx   Envy dv7-7201eg   Envy dv7-7201sa
  Envy dv7-7202ed   Envy dv7-7202eg   Envy dv7-7202sl
  Envy dv7-7202ss   Envy dv7-7203ea   Envy dv7-7203sa
  Envy dv7-7203ss   Envy dv7-7204ea   Envy dv7-7204ed
  Envy dv7-7210em   Envy dv7-7210ep   Envy dv7-7210ew
  Envy dv7-7210ex   Envy dv7-7210sm   Envy dv7-7210sp
  Envy dv7-7210sw   Envy dv7-7210sx   Envy dv7-7215sg
  Envy dv7-7220ew   Envy dv7-7220sw   Envy dv7-7230ec
  Envy dv7-7230ew   Envy dv7-7230sw   Envy dv7-7230us
  Envy dv7-7240ew   Envy dv7-7240sw   Envy dv7-7250eb
  Envy dv7-7250er   Envy dv7-7250ew   Envy dv7-7250sb
  Envy dv7-7251eo   Envy dv7-7251er   Envy dv7-7251sz
  Envy dv7-7252eo   Envy dv7-7252er   Envy dv7-7253er
  Envy dv7-7254er   Envy dv7-7254sr   Envy dv7-7255er
  Envy dv7-7255sr   Envy dv7-7260er   Envy dv7-7260ew
  Envy dv7-7260sf   Envy dv7-7261er   Envy dv7-7262er
  Envy dv7-7263er   Envy dv7-7264er   Envy dv7-7264ez
  Envy dv7-7265er   Envy dv7-7266er   Envy dv7-7267er
  Envy dv7-7270ef   Envy dv7-7270sf   Envy dv7-7271sf
  Envy dv7-7280sf   Envy dv7-7282sf   Envy dv7-7283eg
  Envy dv7-7286ez   Envy dv7-7287ez   Envy dv7-7290eb
  Envy dv7-7290ef   Envy dv7-7290eo   Envy dv7-7290ez
  Envy dv7-7290sf   Envy dv7-7290sl   Envy dv7-7292eo
  Envy dv7-7294eo   Envy dv7-7295ez   Envy dv7-7297sf
  Envy dv7-7298sf   Envy dv7-7299ef   Envy dv7-7299sf
  Envy dv7-7300   Envy dv7-7331ea   Envy dv7-7332ea
  Envy dv7-7334ea   Envy dv7-7335ea   Envy dv7-7338ea
  Envy dv7-7338sa   Envy dv7t-7200 CTO Quad Edition   Envy dv7t-7200 CTO Select Edition
  Envy M4-1015DX   Envy m4-1045la   Envy m4-1050la
  Envy m6-1100   Envy m6-1100er   Envy m6-1100ex
  Envy m6-1100sr   Envy m6-1100sx   Envy m6-1101ek
  Envy m6-1101er   Envy m6-1101sg   Envy m6-1101so
  Envy m6-1101sr   Envy m6-1101tx   Envy m6-1102ea
  Envy m6-1102eo   Envy m6-1102er   Envy m6-1102sa
  Envy m6-1102so   Envy m6-1102sr   Envy m6-1102tx
  Envy m6-1103ee   Envy m6-1103eo   Envy m6-1103er
  Envy m6-1103es   Envy m6-1103se   Envy m6-1103so
  Envy m6-1103sr   Envy m6-1103ss   Envy m6-1103tx
  Envy m6-1104ea   Envy m6-1104ee   Envy m6-1104eo
  Envy m6-1104er   Envy m6-1104es   Envy m6-1104se
  Envy m6-1104sr   Envy m6-1104ss   Envy m6-1104tx
  Envy M6-1105DX   Envy m6-1105ec   Envy m6-1105eo
  Envy m6-1105er   Envy m6-1105so   Envy m6-1105tx
  Envy m6-1106er   Envy m6-1106tx   Envy m6-1107er
  Envy m6-1107tx   Envy m6-1108ss   Envy m6-1108tx
  Envy m6-1110ei   Envy m6-1110ew   Envy m6-1110sw
  Envy m6-1110tx   Envy m6-1111tx   Envy m6-1112tx
  Envy m6-1113tx   Envy m6-1114tx   Envy m6-1115tx
  Envy m6-1116tx   Envy m6-1117tx   Envy m6-1118tx
  Envy m6-1119tx   Envy m6-1120ew   Envy m6-1120sw
  Envy m6-1120tx   Envy M6-1125DX   Envy m6-1125eb
  Envy m6-1125sb   Envy m6-1130eb   Envy m6-1130sb
  Envy m6-1140ec   Envy m6-1140sg   Envy M6-1148
  Envy M6-1148CA   Envy m6-1150eb   Envy m6-1150er
  Envy m6-1150et   Envy m6-1150sa   Envy m6-1150sb
  Envy m6-1150ss   Envy m6-1150st   Envy m6-1151eo
  Envy m6-1151er   Envy m6-1151sa   Envy m6-1151so
  Envy m6-1151sr   Envy m6-1152er   Envy m6-1153er
  Envy m6-1153sr   Envy m6-1154ea   Envy m6-1154eo
  Envy m6-1154ep   Envy m6-1154er   Envy m6-1154ez
  Envy m6-1154sa   Envy m6-1154sp   Envy m6-1154sr
  Envy m6-1155eo   Envy m6-1156ez   Envy m6-1157ez

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Original Part Numbers
  671567-321   671567-421   671567-831
  671731-001   672326-421   672412-001
  886112770655   H2L55AA   H2L55AA#ABB

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