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Replacement Notebook Adapter for Samsung 900X3C-A05DE
19V 2.1A 40W Laptop Adapter (Samsung Universal Tip)

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Part Number :AC19V40USS
Condition :New
Warranty :1 Year
Output Current :2.1A
Output Voltage :19V
Input Type :AC100-240V / 50-60Hz
Power :40W
Color :Black
In-Stock :Out of Stock(Ship 1-2 weeks)
Price :US$46.20
Coupon Code :
Reseller Pricing Available
*Order will be charged in CAD at the exchange rate of
$1USD = $1CAD for Canadian shipping address at time of payment

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The correct AC Power Cord will be provided based on shipping destination; however, should you need a different Power Cord, please indicate in the Comments section below.

 Compatible Models   Original Part Numbers   Recommended Products
Compatible Models
  530U3B-A01   530U3B-A02   530U3B-A04
  530U3C Series   530U3C-A01   530U3C-A01DE
  530U3C-A02   530U3C-A03   530U3C-A05
  530U3C-A06   530U3C-A07   530U3C-J01
  535U3C-A01   535U3C-A02   535U3C-A03
  900X3B   900X3B-A01   900X3B-A01CA
  900X3B-A01US   900X3B-A02   900X3B-A02US
  900X3B-A03   900X3B-A03US   900X3B-AD1
  900X3C   900X3C Series   900X3C-A01
  900X3C-A01AU   900X3C-A01BE   900X3C-A01CA
  900X3C-A01CH   900X3C-A01CN   900X3C-A01FR
  900X3C-A01IT   900X3C-A01MX   900X3C-A01NL
  900X3C-A01PL   900X3C-A01SE   900X3C-A01US
  900X3C-A02   900X3C-A02AU   900X3C-A02BE
  900X3C-A02CA   900X3C-A02CH   900X3C-A02DE
  900X3C-A02IT   900X3C-A02MX   900X3C-A02PL
  900X3C-A02UK   900X3C-A02US   900X3C-A03
  900X3C-A03AU   900X3C-A03CA   900X3C-A03CH
  900X3C-A03DE   900X3C-A03FR   900X3C-A03PL
  900X3C-A03US   900X3C-A04   900X3C-A04BE
  900X3C-A04DE   900X3C-A04FR   900X3C-A04PL
  900X3C-A04US   900X3C-A05   900X3C-A05DE
  900X3C-A05FR   900X3C-A05NL   900X3C-A05US
  900X3C-A06   900X3C-A06AU   900X3C-A06DE
  900X3C-A06NL   900X3C-A07   900X3C-A07DE
  900X3C-A08   900X3C-A08DE   900X3C-AB1
  900X3C-AB1AU   900X3C-AB2   900X3C-AB2AU
  900X3C-B01   900X3C-MS1   900X3C-MS1DE
  900X3D   900X3D-A01   900X3D-A01AU
  900X3D-A01CH   900X3D-A01DE   900X3D-A01FR
  900X3D-A01IT   900X3D-A01MX   900X3D-A01PL
  900X3D-A01US   900X3D-A02   900X3D-A02CH
  900X3D-A02DE   900X3D-A02US   900X3D-A03
  900X3D-A03CA   900X3D-A03CH   900X3D-A03DE
  900X3D-A03FR   900X3D-A03IT   900X3D-A03PL
  900X3D-A03US   900X3D-A04   900X3D-A04CH
  900X3D-A04FR   900X3D-A04US   900X3D-A05
  900X3D-A05FR   900X3D-A05US   900X3D-AD1
  900X3D-BB1   900X3E   900X3E-A01
  900X3E-A01AU   900X3E-A01CH   900X3E-A01DE
  900X3E-A01FR   900X3E-A01IT   900X3E-A01MX
  900X3E-A01NL   900X3E-A01PL   900X3E-A01US
  900X3E-A02   900X3E-A02CA   900X3E-A02CH
  900X3E-A02DE   900X3E-A02FR   900X3E-A02IT
  900X3E-A02MX   900X3E-A02NL   900X3E-A02PL
  900X3E-A02US   900X3E-A03   900X3E-A03BE
  900X3E-A03DE   900X3E-A03US   900X3E-A04
  900X3E-A04US   900X3E-A05   900X3E-A05DE
  900X3E-A05US   900X3E-A06   900X3E-A06DE
  900X3E-K01   900X3E-K01AU   900X3E-K01CA
  900X3E-K01DE   900X3E-K01US   900X3E-K02
  900X3E-K02DE   900X3E-K03   900X3E-K03DE
  900X3E-K06   900X3E-K06DE   900X3F
  900X3F-G01   900X3F-G01DE   900X3F-K01
  900X3F-K01AU   900X3F-K01CA   900X3F-K01DE
  900X3F-K01US   900X3F-K02   900X3F-K03
  900X3F-KD1   900X3G   900X3G-K01
  900X3G-K01CA   900X3G-K02   900X3G-K02CA
  900X3L-K01   900X3L-K06US   900X4
  900X46   900X4B-A01DE   900X4B-A01FR
  900X4B-A02   900X4B-A02US   900X4B-A03
  900X4C-A01   900X4C-A04DE   900X4D-A01
  900X4D-A01SG   900X4D-A01UK   900X4D-A02
  900X4D-A03   900X5L   900X5L-K01
  900X5L-K02   900X5L-K02US

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Original Part Numbers
  A13-040N2A   AA-PA2N40L
  AAPA2N40S   AA-PA2N40S   AA-PA3NS40/US

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